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Re: Problems with install on Power Mac G3 minitower

At Wed, 31 Mar 2004 22:09:45 -0500,
Nathanael Hasbrouck <natbrouck@webryders.net> wrote:

> No chance of it being a termination problem, is there?  Linux is a lot more 
> picky about that than MacOS, at least on my 7600's builtin controllers.  
> Had to do some black magic when I put an IDE disk in and took a drive off 
> the internal SCSI chain. :^)

Good question! I hadn't thought of that (makes mental note to kick
himself later).

   I'm getting quite used to taking the thing apart now. The end drive
has termination on, the middle one has it off, and I don't see any
jumpers on the SCSI board to set the termination state. I guess I have
to assume the board's terminated properly, so that would imply that
the terminations are correct. The drives also have a "termination
power" jumper, which is off on both drives. The manufacturer says that
one of them should probably be on, so I'll try that tonight. If I can
find one of those !@#$$%^&^* microscopic jumpers, that is.

   One other thing I will try is to remove the SCSI board
altogether. I have an old 1G SCSI drive which should work with the
other SCSI bus; it's too small to do anything useful, but I should be
able to do a minimal install from floppy and see if I get the
lockups. If I do, then it's not the SCSI board and bus.



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