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Re: debian-ppc64

On Tue, Mar 23, 2004 at 12:56:15AM -0700, ed crumly wrote:
> i would like to know if there's anyway i can help, as i do have in my 
> possession a 1.6ghz G5 mac.  it is stoked up with 2 gig of ram, 2 

Ok, welcome.

Can you please try out the 2.4.25-4 power4-pmac kernel, and confirm that
it works on your box. Please fill bug reports against it for anything
that is problematic.

This is still a 32bit kernel, and maybe the upcoming 64bit kernel would
be more adapted, but this will come second.

If you could confirm any problems before thursday, this would be nice,
as the powerpc d-i beta3 is scheduled for then.

To have the real 64bit kernel working, would be another step, but first
we must bring the toolchain in shape, the gcc compiler and binutils, and
the glibc library. I will investigate this later one, but don't really
have a 64bit box, altough i was offered access to one. 

> serial ata 80 gig hd's , so compiling stuff is fairly fast. i have 3-4 
> years experience of linux experience, and have tried every known distro 
> to try to get something linux to boot on this thing!!! i currently run 
> osx.3.3 , and fink kde is as close as i've come to linux on the desktop 

I prefer gnome, but like their say, everyone his choice.

> (this new fink works flawlessly thanks to dpkg, apt-get!!) please let 
> me know if i can help in any way... no expert, but willing to sacrifice 
> my setup in the name of linux any day( osx is boring as hell. i hate to 
> sound like a mac add, but it all just works. not much to tinker with, i 
> miss that about linux!! As a result, my learning has slowed 
> considerably)

No problem.


Sven Luther

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