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Re: Sarge/beta-3 on a RS6000/7025-F50 (PPC 604e, CHRP)

On Sat, Mar 20, 2004 at 11:45:03AM +0100, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> In linux.debian.maint.boot Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> >Cool. BTW, is there anything particular needed for a PReP partition ? Or
> No, it only needs to be a < 4 MB raw partition of type 0x41.

Ok, so another articial size limit on the kernel + initrd combo.

> >I believe that we may create a PReP-bootloader-installer or something
> >which would take care of moving the kernel to this partition. Not sure
> >though how this would work out. A bit like what nobootloader does.
> No, wait... we really want to use yaboot.

And, are you sure yaboot works on PReP machines ? Not on CHRP boxes
using a PReP partition for booting, but on real PReP system

> I used to dd the kernel on my B50 but had to stop after upgrading to 2.6
> because newer kernels cannot be loaded without a boot loader.

Mmm, have you more info on this ? I have no problem booting my
pegasos/chrp with the 2.6.4 builtin chrp boot-loader.

BTW, can you test the 2.4.25-4 kernel on this B50 of yours ? It should
work, but it was never really tested.

> And anyway yaboot is needed to be able to choose among different
> kernels, easily add command line options and so on.

Yeah, sure, if it is supported. 

> To install yaboot /usr/lib/yaboot/yaboot must be prepared with
> /usr/lib/yaboot/addnote and then copied to the PReP partition.
> yaboot is able to load plain zImage kernels.

Ah, i had the understanding that yaboot only understands plain
uncompressed elf vmlinux kernels.

> Do not count on ybin to work...


> >> When the installation finish and you reboot again.
> >> At the SMS level:
> >> Choose the disk you want to boot.
> >> Go to OF prompt (F8)
> >> o > printenv boot-device
> >> Check the output
> >> o > setenv boot-device <previous output>:1
> >> BTW: I found that the disk I use has an alias named
> >> "disk". To check that run
> >> o > devalias
> On my systems I use this instead:
> setenv boot-device /pci@80000000/scsi@10/sd@2:
> I think that OF will automatically look for the boot partition this way.



Sven Luther

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