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Re: 2.6.4 kernel

You should have a look to 
This answer most of your questions.

On Thu, 18 Mar 2004 13:53:26 -0800 (PST), 
Enrique Morfin gracefully wrote:
>box: Tibook 1GHz G4, ATI radeon 9000M, 10/100/1000
>ethernet, orinico airport card(not extreme),
>cd-rw/dvd-r, and a winmodem (nothing is perfect).
>i have a 2.4.21-ben2 kernel, and want to upgrade to
>2.6 series, so i have some questions before to make
>the change:
>2.6.4 has all the powerpc stuff?(no need of ben tree?)
>I need to upgrade from modutils to module-init-tools?
>(for module stuff)
>ide-scsi emulation no longer needed?
>As far as i know hfsplus is not supported (yet) in the
>2.6 series, is this true?
>i need to install alsa?
>can i steel have 3d accel?(dri-trunk of daenzer? comes
>included with the kernnel?)
>I need kernel-headers-2.6.4-? (to recompile mol and
>modem)Where can i get those?
>Can i have cpufreq? or still causes the box turn off
>and clock reset to dec 31 1969? (by openfirmware
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