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Installation report for d-i on Pegasos2


After I managed to successfully install Debian with Svens di-2004.02.26
(from http://people.debian.org/~luther/pegasos/ - di-2004.03.15 wasn't
available then), I want to give some feedback upon that... 

- d-i worked fine - except for that problem that it doesn't supported pppoe. 
It started straight with trying to retrieve files via a fixed line
(configuration via DHCP or manual setup). It is obvious that this only works
for machines hooked up directly to the net or are behind a router. When your
machine to install is supposed to be your router, this will give you some
problems to succeed installation with d-i. ;)
Whereas I could work around this problem, I know of at least one other
person who has this problem as well. 

Prior to the installation problem, there was a problem to even load & start
d-i successfully. The kernel couldn't mount root= or didn't find console,
but Sven solved these problems rapidly by telling me to use kernel parameter
"devfs=mount" when loading d-i image via OF. So I think this happens quite
often and should be listed somewhere nearby the d-i image (f.e. a small
INSTALL/README in http://people.debian.org/~luther/pegasos/ ?). ;)

- after installation a dpkg-reconfigure console-data didn't work. Choosing
keymap from arch list (qwertz, german no-dead-key, standard) resulted in an
error, stating that it can't find and load such a keymap. 

After all, the installation went quite good an Sven was very helpful with
help and support for some other problems like getting the sound card to
work. Thanks, Sven!

Ciao...              // 
      Ingo         \X/

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