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Re: installing sarge on Motorola PowerStack...

On Thu, Mar 18, 2004 at 04:02:01AM +0100, Johannes Wischert wrote:
> Ok works perfectly now... But it did not want to install from cdrom
> automaticaly (but from net)... so i mounted the cdrom to /cdrom and it

Yeah, well, it is a a netboot initrd. I will try building the cdrom
initrd, as i am told it will actually work on prep, only chrp and
chrp-rs6k has the size of initrd constraint. Not sure though.

> recognized the cdrom automaticaly then and installed from it... strange...
> It tryes to install the base packages and then stopps with an error:
> error while installing the base system
> debootstrap ended with code 1 (or something like that)
> in the console:
> erors where encounted while processing
> libgnutls7
> exim4-daemon-light
> mailx
> at
> exim4

Yeah, but which errors ? can you look a bit more at this. That said,
those are hardly critical problems. You can go to console 2, and do a :

chroot /target, and an apt-get upgrade (or whatver) in it.

> I suppose it is because it downloaded parts of the system from the net and
> so has a newer packages.gz than the one on the cd.. i will try to install
> everything from cd tomorrow.. but first i need a bit of sleep ;)

Yeah, that seems reasonable.

Actually, if you have a running system, you can build the image
yourself. Make sure you have the 2.4.25-3 kernel-build package installed
(just uploading it, so it will be there tomorrow), unpack it somewhere,
and move the vmlinux from the CD to the directory, and then launch the
build script in it with the initrd.gz from the CD as argument.

Then get the script in dest.

IF this boots well, then use it and report back, if not, you will see it
complaining about not finding the initrd.


Sven Luther

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