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Re: 6300/120 won't go into OpenFirmware

Take a look at the nubus-pmac project on SourceForge.


The Performa 6300 is listed as a supported model. Since this is a
NuBus based Macintosh, it doesn't have OpenFirmware (which is only
on PCI based Macs). This would explain quite well why it ignores
the request to get to an OF prompt. Also, yaboot wouldn't work on
something this old anyway. The only Macs supported by yaboot are
new-world models, of which the original iMac was the first.

	Brad Boyer

On Tue, Mar 16, 2004 at 10:14:13PM +1100, Richard Brooks wrote:
> I have a Performa 6300/120 currently with MacOS on it.
> I have put the required files (yaboot etc) in the root of the HDD.
> When I try to get the OpenFirmware prompt, (apple option o f) it just ignores it and goes to MacOS.
> Suggestions ? 
> thanks in advance
> Richard

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