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Re: keyboard maps in 4.3.0 for Europe

On   8 Mar, this message from Martin-Éric Racine echoed through
>> On   5 Mar, this message from Martin-Éric Racine echoed through
>> cyberspace:
>> > I was wondering if xfree86 ever got around including a keyboard map
>> > variant that inverts the locations of keycodes 49 and 94?  This
>> > kuldge is needed for several 3rd-party keyboards where these two
>> > keys are inverted, becuase of a bug in early versions of the ALCOR
>> > keyboard controler chips used in MacAlley and most other non-Apple
>> > brands of USB Mac keyboards.
>> Interesting what you say there... I need to swap those keys on my
>> _Apple_ keybords (all swiss-french variants). The two keys are the
>> one left of 'y', i.e. between left shift and the first alpha key (not
>> present on US keyboards), and the one left of '1'.
>> And of course, this is with standard XFree maps...
> Same keys here, but on a Finnish/Swedish layout.   Which keyboard do
> you have and on which hardware?

Apple keyboard; both an old ADB Extended Keyboard II (?) and the TiBook
keyboard; both with swiss-french layouts. ADB keyboard on a PowerMac



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