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2.6.3 HELP!!

I have a problem.  I cannot get 2.6.3_ben2 to boot on either an 8500 or
a 7500.  I have a powertower pro 9500 that 2.6.3 boots fine on though.  

The 9500 has an IMS tt128 and I haven't had console video on in the last
year.  The RAMDAC was always identified wrong as IBM .  It now works

As far as the 8500, here is all I get on my terminal before it hangs:

Debian GNU/Linux PowerPC (woody)boot: Linux2.6
Starting at 510000
opening display /bandit@F2000000/gc@10/sixty6@1C000... failed
opening display /chaos@F0000000/control@B... ok
copying OF device tree...done
Calling quiesce ...
returning 0x00510000 from prom_init

Not much info, but I hope someone can help.


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