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Re: recording sound ?

On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 16:02, topper wrote:
> - For what I know, gnomemeeting needs full duplex capabilities to work 
> (If you use OSS during the initial recording test, gnomeeting will 
> complain that it cannot write on /dev/dsp (or what you use))
> - For the internal microphone, I know that on my tibook 15" it is not 
> yet (hopefully) suported, so I had  to by a new webcam with internal 
> microphone..... I don t know for the others ppc.....
> Hope I could help

Yes indeed, however I have one more question: which webcam do you use ?
does it work smoothly/perfect (I mean do you use it regularly without
stability problems) ?

Is it usb or firewire  ?!

Thanks a lot,

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