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Re: iBook 2.2 with new board, full of problems

El dom, 07-03-2004 a las 13:45, Kristian Peters escribió:
> Alberto Viniegra Ilarregui <lobezno@toughguy.net> schrieb:
> > My clock is allways running at 900mhz, before at 400mhz except when cpu
> > was very bussy.
> I'm using pmud, that should automatically adjust the speed of the processor to the cpu-usage of the machine.
> > If you have the same revision I have and you dont have problems the only
> > posible cause is a hardware failure. 
> Why ? It could be possible that your gcc-version produces broken code somehow. But if the installer already freezes it could be broken memory too.

Because I -only- have problems -since- the board was -changed- by the
new one that is your same revision.
And the problem is with debian woody, any debiasn installed I tried
finally have some errors, woody one, make my ibook turn off, xfs debian
installer works ok, but after I have the errors I wrote other days, in
compiling, screen frozen etc. I tried a gentoo ppc live and have errors
I insist: my system got frozen for 3 times under osx.
I have problems with my iBook, not with linux, the iBook is broken, if
your board works, mine must work too.

> > Yesterday I went to an apple store, and with many objections they said
> > that if I want they will send the ibook to apple in holand.
> Please note that Apple won't support machines with Linux installed.
"tech" guyss of the apple store I went found any errors, but they are a
liers cause they said they prove same hd on 2 different ibooks, and one
of them said they dont made that!. (Patetic) I went with my father to
argue the problem on friday.

Tomorrow I'll send my iBook to apple holand, I'm going to write -how-
can they find the error with linux and try the same HD in other ibook
and they will see that the error is only on MY ibook because is fucking
If they dont find any errors with their utils, they only will
demonstrate, their utils are unserviciable for find their own hardware
errors!, because I -know- my ibook is -broken-

I hope, they'll find the problem, I hope they are good techniqs, I hope
not to receibe my iBook again broken, cause I'll sent then the notice to
all media I can, cause I paid so much money for my litle computer, and I
am not culpable about the hardware defects.

> *Kristian

thanks kristian
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