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Re: Kernel Newbie Needs Help

> > Hrm... Let me remember now... ahhh yes, the very first iMacs (the ones
> > without an AGP slot) did indeed use a paddington chipset iirc. That is
> > a BMAC chip. Sorry for the confusion.
> Sungem and Tulip were used in which iMac variants, then? 

Well, the very first "Core99" ones (with an AGP video chip) had
the GEM cell in UniNorth not working, so they had an additional
tulip chip on the motherboard... well, at least some G4s did,
and I _think_ some iMacs of that generation did too (same chipset
basically). Then, Apple had enough fixed uninorth and so sungem
became the driver to use. All macs still have a gem part since 
then, including the G5s.


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