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thurs. march 4 show

On thursday, march 4, i was watching the Today Show as i do every morning. You know somebody has to notice that Ann is just a lousy host. Jeez, can't anybody else handle this slot? Her look is bad, that hair! We don't know anything about her,and her family? does she even have one? She always looks uncomfortable and says inappropraite things! i have to tell you the last straw was this morning when you finished the show with Bobbi Brown. How awful was that to watch! Ann didn't even try to make little Bobbi Brown comfortable. When Bobbi asked her not to move her brushes she said something to the effect that I'm in charge here! Come on, how insecure is that. Don't like her, can't relate, can't care, we just don't know anything about her and can't pretend to be interested anymore.
kim Danish\Allentown, Pa

p.s. please don't make me watch another morning show....

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