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Off-Topic recover firmware RS6000 7044-170

Hi everyone,

Good morning, Im try to install Debian onto a RS6000 7044-170, but in many manuals (for example http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/docs/HOWTO/other-formats/pdf/IBM7248-HOWTO.pdf), 
I have to update the microcode or firmware, because I cant boot  the computer with the debian images, 
and I did, but now I have a big problem, the firmware update was wrong, and now I can't boot the machine,

When I try to boot machine I receive this:

(is the same problem of this guy http://unix.derkeiler.com/Newsgroups/comp.unix.aix/2003-09/0473.html, but in the mail list I don't found any solution)

 I read in the User guide of this machine, and said the next:

To recover a damaged system firmware, do the following:
1. Create a firmware recovery diskette. This must be a 3.5² high-density (1.44 MB)
diskette that has been formatted for DOS.
2. Obtain the system firmware update image file from one of the following sources:
a. From the Web address: http://www.rs6000.ibm.com/support/micro 
b. From an service representative if you cannot access the Web address.
3. Copy the system firmware update image file to the recovery diskette, naming it
PRECOVER.IMG. The file must be written in DOS format.
4. When the system stops booting, for example at E1EA, insert the recovery diskette. If
the diskette drive LED does not light up, power the system unit off, then back on
5. If the recovery procedure is successful, the system will continue starting up and
display checkpoints of the form E1XX.
6. Enter the System Management Service menu. When the keyboard indicator
displays, press the 1 key if the system console is an ASCII terminal. If the system
console is a graphics display and directly attached keyboard, press the F1 key.
7. When the main menu displays, choose Utilities, then perform a firmware update of
the system firmware as described on page "Firmware Update" on page 92.

but the update image is 1.6 MB, how Can I put this in a floppy? 
and the manual said if the computer have the code E1EA you can recover the firmware and only I have E080, 
Can I use this procedure?

Please, Any suggestion?

and for the end, I don't any guarantee, because of I buy this computer in a store of Olds computers, and 
I found this machine, but this computer work very well, the last week I was used AIX, but I want use 
Debian in this machine. but now I cant boot :(

Please help me!!!

Benjamin Alvarado

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