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Re: 2.6.3-ben2 fails to mount ext3

I read:
>  2.6.3-ben2.config:194  CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEDISK=m
> IMHO this must read "y", as the modules are available only after

damn! I knew it was sth obvious I missed ...

>  2.6.3-ben2.config:103  CONFIG_PREEMPT=y
> You better disable preempt, it's not stable (on pcc) yet and causes
> all kinds of weirdness (more or less random segmentation faults,
> gcc aborting with internal error ...).

ah that explains some wird things that happened to me, but I guess
I'll live with the random segfaults for now and enjoy the grrret
performance I get from jack and other rt apps anyway ...



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