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Re: spanish keyboard and xfree86 4.3 in sid

On Tuesday 24 February 2004 12:37, Oriol Pellicer i 0Sabrià wrote:
> I have an IbookG4 933, and since the new XFree 4.3 are in Debian Sid I
> can't write @, # and all simbols that are writted with fn+alt combination
> (for example fn+alt+3). Has somebody found this problem?

I have come across this problem in my i386 based desktop and other i386 
machines. AFAIK I believe it is some kind of misconfiguration of the X 
system. What I did in most cases was to deinstall all about X, 
rm -rf /etc/X11 and reinstall again (I didn't want to spend that much time on 
that). That solved the problem. 

Jesús Roncero Franco

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