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Re: 2.6.3-benh1 does not boot

> thank you for your explanation, that worked. I've had the opportunity to
> test it on the ps/2 bug, too, but I was not able to enter xmon there.
> However, on the proc bug it went straight into xmon without cmd-power.
> Unfortunately, it did not translate the symbols according to my
> System.map (yaboot option set). Here is the output:
> 10021d54
> 10023674
> 10022574
> (the above three get repeated many times, then:)
> 100249e4
> 10022534
> 10021d54
> 10016484
> 100141fc
> 0fe9b284
> 00000000
> Since I am not able to translate them myself (these numbers don't appear
> in my System.map), I've attached you the System.map I'm using. I really
> hope this helps! If not, please contact me again.

It's hanging somewhere in userland... I don't know what's up, the kernel
doesn't seem involved...  Looks like some userland problem.

I don't understand what is your "ps/2" bug btw


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