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Re: PowerBook 15" Alu support under linux

The 15" Alu has a Radeon9600 in it (R3XX), and the G4 iBook has a 9200
(R2XX). The 9200 is slower and has less features compared to the 9600,
but it has DRI (open source 3D) support. So if you want to use 3D in
Linux, go with that. 

The Airport Extreme card is not supported at the moment. It's a Broadcom
card, and even though there's people trying to figure it out without
specs (http://linux-bcom4301.sf.net/), I wouldn't hold my breath. 

On the other hand, the powerbook has a cardbus slot, which you could
probably use a wifi card with. The iBook doesn't have this feature. 

-- M

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