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Re: [jan.palic@linux-debian.de: pbbuttonsd,gtkpbbuttons,powerprefs]

Le Tue, Feb 03, 2004 at 01:05:40PM +0100, Jan-Hendrik Palic a écrit :
>Hi .. 
>> Actually, I figured out it's a bug in your package. The config file has
>> to be /etc/pbbuttonsd.conf . Aside from that, pbbuttons and
>> gtkpbbuttons work fine here (iBook 900 G3).
>Hmm I do not see, that pbbuttonsd can have a subdirectory in /etc.
>The point is, that you should be possible to configure pbuttonsd with
>powerprefs (is not working yet) and the solution by the programm author
>was the following:
>  put a link from /etc/pbbuttonsd/pbbuttonsd.conf to
>                    /usr/lib/pbbuttonsd/pbbuttonsd.conf
>  and let powerprefs write to /usr/lib/pbbuttonsd/pbbuttonsd.conf.
>I am working on a solution on it :)

Well, pbbuttons only cares about /etc/pbbuttonsd.conf, as I've tried to
modify both files to see what were the results.

Lucas Moulin <lucas at brebis dot org>
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