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Re: ext3 problems

Brad Lathem wrote:
I had written earlier about a kernel problem for a powerbook g4. Matthew Harrell sent me a kernel configuration file, which I used. The kernel compiled without a problem, and I installed it. Now I get the following error at boot-up (my partition type is ext3):

checking root filesystem...
fsck 1.35-WIP (07-Dec-2003)
fsck.ext3:  No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/hda11

Looks like either your /dev directory got messed up, or (more likely) you're booting a kernel with automatic mounting of devfs, and you don't have devfsd installed. At the yaboot prompt, add the 'devfs=nomount' option to the name of your default boot image (like, if it's called linux, do 'linux devfs=nomount' - press Tab to see the list). That should get it booting normally.

Also, the ethernet quit working. Does anyone know anything I might do? Thanks in advance.

Dunno. Maybe the kernel wasn't built with the GMAC or SunGEM driver? (I suggest SunGEM, the GMAC driver is deprecated) If you get the system booted normally, try running 'modprobe sungem'. Then do 'cat /proc/net/dev' to see what network devices the system knows. If there's still no Ethernet device, you may need to build your own kernel with the SunGEM driver either built in, or as a module.

Derrik Pates

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