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Re: Debian on beige G3

Em Qua, 2004-01-21 às 21:49, zagreb@res.yamanashi-med.ac.jp escreveu:
> Finally instaled woody on my (troublesome) beige G3. BUT...
> 1. The image does not fit in the screen and the lower part it's not 
> possible to see it.

	Is that X or console?

> 2. After the first session I enabled start X automatically BUT now my 
> keyboard is mistyping the characters so I cannot find where they are. I 
> search key by key but there are some characters missing, it's clearly a 
> misconfiguration but how can I log in or go back to the shell??.

	If you find them, try C-A-F1 (first virtual console) or C-A-BACKSPACE
(kill the X server).

	Ultimately you can restart and pass init S (single user) in the BootX
options box.

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