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best for Linux: iBook or PowerBook?

I am going to buy a laptop for the purpose of running Linux - either a 12"
iBook or a 12" PowerBook.  Which in your opinion is better for running

I get impression that video support is much better on the iBook, because
it has a Radeon with open source drivers, while the PowerBook has a NVidia
for which there are no drivers available. Is this correct?

I am leaning towards the PowerBook, because it is slightly faster, but if
there is no video display then obviously that is a show stopper. Also I
have read reviews that claim the PowerBook is less rugged and more likely
to be damaged in a fall than the iBook - is this true?

Does sleep mode work on either of them?

Finally can either of them do external VGA output? I have seen the
instructions at
http://www.mockies.de/main.php?seite=linuxdocs&tab=5&lang=en but these are
for an old G3 and I don't know whether they still work on a current G4.


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