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ALSA freezes with kernel > 2.6.0

Hi all,

I've used kernel 2.6 since -test11 revision, and everything used to work
fine. I tried a couple of times to compile 2.6.0 and 2.6.1 (benh
rsync'ed), and everytime I boot my iBook, the boot process stops with
ALSA. I can see the line "Starting ALSA stuff", but I have to hard
reboot to get out of this...

As my system isn't usable when I try this, where should I look for
possible problems ? I read the instructions on
http://malik.homelinux.org/ibook/ibook-2.6.html and my kernel config is
pretty much the same (well, exactly the same regarding i2c and alsa
stuff). I'm running Debian Sid up-to-date, by the way.

Has anyone seen this before ?

Thanks for your help, regards.
Lucas Moulin

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