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Re: struggling with debian instalation on 12.1" ibook

Quoth Mike Power <dod.tsair@sbcglobal.net>:
> Well, let me first thank you guys.  I have been struggling installing 
> debian on a 12.1" ibook with firewire 400 and usb2.0

An iBook G4, I assume?

> Problems encountered and solved so far
> Problem: Base instalation went in but yaboot will not install.  Thus the 
> instalation won't boot.
> Solution:  Use the yaboot command "boot: hd:6,yaboot root=/dev/hdc4 ro" 
> This boots off the hfs partition

You've installed Woody? AFAIK you need to update yaboot to a recent
version to get it working on an iBook.

> Problem: X won't work, failed to detect my Radeon Moblility,
> Solution:  I think this is a common problem, and thus there should be 
> documentation on a solution on one of the lists, a link would be much 
> appreciated.

You need to update XFree86 and the kernel to fairly recent versions. The
current benh-kernel supports the Radeon. For X have a look here:

> Problem:  The kernel I did build doesn't work, halfway through the boot 
> process the screen goes black, the sleep light flashes and the computer 
> stops.  Doesn't turn off, just stops
> Solution: Email debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org?

Does it really go to sleep? Some kernels use the sleep light as HD
activity LED. Do you have OpenSSH installed? You could try to log in
from another system to see if the iBook comes up. I also had the problem
that the screen went black when booting, it seems to be a problem with
power management. To solve the problem I simply deactivated power
management for the display. It's somewhere in the config though I can't
tell you where exactly ;-) AFAIR it was in the Mac-specific section and
was called PowerBook backlight control or similar.

HTH & bye, Michael

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