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Re: Albook 15" CD/DVD burning


Jens Axboe a écrit :
On Mon, Jan 12 2004, Luis Sanjuan wrote:


>>>The docuumentation of cdrecord says the syntax is  :

>> That's a different access method. Using ATAPI will send you through
>> CDROM_SEND_PACKET, which in turn will use the same access method as
>>the open-by-device (-dev=/dev/hdc) but with some loss of information.
>>So I'd suggest dumping ATAPI. It worked _horribly_ in 2.4, and its
>>deprecated for 2.6.

So  you say that it's more correct (and secure)  to use something like :

cdrecord -<option> nnnn -dev=/dev/hdc  file.iso  ?

OK, I'll go to bed less stupid tonight :-)

BTW. Executing cdrecord (version: Cdrecord-Clone 2.01a19) with -dev=/dev/hdc
outputs this warning message:

"Open by 'devname' is unintentional and not supported."
It might be confusing. Any explanation?

It's a Schilling thing, what can I say... Open by device works fine,
there's nothing to worry about.

 Next time, I won't read the doc :-)

I'll try and talk to Joerg and see if I
can't get him to take out that message.

In fact, the sentence :"Open by 'devname' is unintentional and not supported." is the origin/reason of the confusion...

Thank you for your intervention. And thank you too for all what you do for the kernel.

Best regards,

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eric bachard

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