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Re: IBook G4, kernel 2.6, DRM, Xfree86 and some questions ???

On Sun, Jan 11, 2004 at 09:47:26PM +0100, Francisco J. F. Serrador wrote:
> Check that radeonfb is compiled inside the kernel, not as module, and
> that you boot with append="video=radeonfb" in the kernel.

I am experiencing other problems with the radeonfb and 2.6 on my TiBook
IV, maybe somebody recognizes it. When I boot I get the fb, boot
messages etc. and the gdm. But when I switch to console, my screen
becomes blank (backlight stays on) and can't see a thing.

Luckily I can resolve the situation by closing the lid so that it
suspends, and everything is ok again after resume.. I can see the
console again and switch back to X. I have my kernel config on
http://source.luon.net/~paul/config-2.6.1-ben1 I boot with
video=radeonfb kernel param and use X without UseFBDev.

If there are other comments/improvements on my meant to be lean kernel config,
I'd be happy to get some.


Student @ Eindhoven                         | JID:   paul@luon.net
University of Technology, The Netherlands   | email: paulvt@debian.org
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