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Re: IBook G4, kernel 2.6, DRM, Xfree86 and some questions ???

On Fri, 2004-01-09 at 19:18, Manuel García Urreta wrote:
> >     (**) Chipset ATI Radeon 9100 QM (AGP) found (I >have an radeon 9200)
> >You probably override the ChipID in the XF86Config-4 >Device section?
> Yes, you are right. I override de ChipID in the XF86Config-4,  but if I
> don´t use this option the XFree86.0.log says "no device found" or something 
> like that,

Even with xserver-xfree86-dri-trunk 2003.10.05-2? Even with Driver
"radeon" instead of "ati"? If so, it'd be interesting to see the server
log file.

> > You need uninorth_agp with a 2.6 kernel.
> I will rebuild my kernel and try it, what you recommend, built-in or as a
> module??

Whatever you prefer.

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