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Re: 2.6 kernel on an iBook2.2

> It's still a good idea to use ben's - although mainstream is getting
> closer (we can hound linus about it next week :)

You can hound me too, I'll be at linuxconf.au as well :)

> I'm using this on my ibook2 (500mhz icebook) fine. Haven't tested
> firewire again yet, but it works better than on my desktop (P4) - which
> just switches off whenever i plug a firewire device in. been meaning to
> debug that....

There is currently a _huge_ backlog of patches between 2.6.1-ben1 and
2.6.1 "Linus/Andrew". I'm working with Andrew & James Simmons to get the
fbdev updates merged in first, hopefully for 2.6.2, and then all the
pmac stuff will follow hopefully...


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