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Re: AlBook 12"/2.4.23-pre5-ben0: bad status dma on hdc

>> Vendor: MATSHITA Model: CD-RW  CW-8123   Rev: CA0T
>Vendor: MATSHITA Model: CD-RW  CW-8122   Rev: BA21

Almost same in fact...

>RPC2: region mask: not set, user: 5, vendor: 4, status: not set

>> I bet i should not touch the "not set" mask :)
>Well, I can't play/read DVDs without setting the code I guess. I can't
>think of a way around this without touching the drives firmware, but
>maybe I'm wrong.

I personnally can play DVDs with no problems. Maybe your problem isn't 
region related ? Or the two drives don't handle unset region code the 
same way... (Or your 2.4.23 kernel has a bug that 2.6.1-rc1-ben1 doesn't 
What do you use to play DVDs ? 

BTW I find it a bit strange that you have "hdc:" errors in your log when
using ide-scsi. Is this really possible ?


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