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2.6.1-rc1-ben1 radeonfb extvga / cryptoloop - success

Hi list,

I just wanted to share some happy feelings/hints:

I have successfully compiled and install the current 2.6.1-rc1-ben1 on
my 12" ibook g3 800mhz cdrom (revision 2.3 says my /proc/cpuinfo)
according to the very nice howto recently posted on this list and it
works without any problems (at least that i would have been aware
of, i haven't used the softmodem or the firewire port).

There are however two things which previously didn't work with
2.4.22-ben2 (at least for me, maybe i just didn't manage ;-)

- loopback encrypted filesystem support (which now works out of box,
  without any additional patches, at least with above kernel and
  util-linux 2.12-6) and the appropriate kernel-config.

- I started playing around with connecting an external monitor and found
  the following interesting behaviour (I am using XFree86 4.2.99 from dri-trunk):

if I start the X server with 

option "UseFBDev" "True"

i get a nice picture on my ibook, but white screen on the CRT.

if i additionally use 

option "MonitorLayout" "LVDS,CRT"

i get a nice display on my ibook, but a messed up display on my CRT
(the resolution is too low - i can scroll around with my pointer
though as if i had hit ctrl-alt-kpd+ / pixels that should be directly
below other pixels seem to be further to the right by a fixed amount
resulting in a regular but completely distorted pattern).

Now if I comment out UseFBDev, i get a nice display on the CRT and
an almost acceptable one on my ibook (lots of flicker on the right),
if  i exit the Xserver, i cannot go back to vt1-6 anymore and the
screen just stays light-grey. everything else still works though, so
using sshd I can get back in. no real solution, though.

Now if I start the Xserver _with_ UseFBDev again, the
interesting thing happens: everything is fine on my ibook-display as
well as on the CRT! the CRT even displays my console on vt1-6.

So using the following little hack:

X -xf86config XF86Config-4.nofb; startx

(where my normal XF86Config-4 has only UseFBDev set, whereas
XF86Config-4.nofb has only MonitorLayout and i just kill the 1st
Xserver with ctrl-alt-backspace when it has come up...)

I can use an external monitor with UseFBDev.

you can find my kernelconfig and XF86Configs at:


if anyone need anything else, feel free to ask.

hope this will be useful to someone,

fabian linzberger - email: <e_AT_lefant.net> - gnugp-id: 6C9BA1DF
jabber (preferred): lefant@jabber.org - icq: 102927865
do yourself a favour: use and support Debian GNU/Linux! http://www.debian.org

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