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Re: Files in /var/log/ksymoops ?


On Mon, 5 Jan 2004 12:12:33 +0100
Sebastian Henschel <debian@kodeaffe.de> wrote:

> > As I am not very familiar with kernel symbols, I was
> > wondering if this is supposed to happen ?
> yes, it is quite normal. if you do not want that to happen, delete the
> directory /var/log/ksymoops. check 'man ksymoops'.
OK, thanks for the answer (now I don't feel *totaly* stupid :-)

> > BTW, I am also getting a warning when ps'ing, saying that
> > "/boot/System.map-2.4.23 does not match kernel data".
> > As the map in question was created during kernel compilation, I
> > don't understand this very well. Any hint ?
> are you sure, that vmlinuz and System.map have really been copied from
> the same source tree and generated from the same kernel-build?
well, not 100%, but I can't imagine how I could have messed this
cp vmlinux /boot/vmlinux-2.4.23 &&
cp System.map /boot/System.map-2.4.23
Not so important anyway, I'll double-check

Thanks again,

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