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prism54: eth1 won't com up during boot

Hi list,

I' ve succesfully set up a SMC2835W wireless card to work with the
kernel driver from http://prism54.org.

The bounded eth1 doesn't com up during boot. I have to start the
interface by hand. Hotplug is needed to load firmware to the RAM of
the wireless chip. In the hotplug package there is a firmware.agent
who has to do that job.

Kernel-Version: 2.6.1-rc1-ben1
Debian unstable
hotplug-version: 0.0.20031013
/usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/isl3890 exists
/sys is mounted via fstab: none /sys sysfs defaults 0 0
The card is configured via wireless-tools.
I am not running pcmcia-cs.
yenta_socket is loaded at boottime (via /etc/modules)
alias eth1 prism54 is set in /lib/modules/modprobe.conf.
prism patchversion: /usr/src/patch-2.6.0-prism54-cvs20031230.bz2

syslog tells while running /etc/init.d/networking:

I:0001:02:00.0 Resource 0 [00000000-00001fff] is unassigned
bus pci: add device 0001:02:00.0
Loaded prism54 driver, version
bus pci: add driver prism54
PCI: Enabling device 0001:02:00.0 (0000 -> 0002)
bound device '0001:02:00.0' to driver 'prism54'
eth1: prism54_mib_init()
eth1: islpci_open()
eth1: resetting device...
eth1: uploading firmware...
prism54: request_firmware() failed for 'isl3890'

This is while booting the rcS.d scripts. Hotplug recognized the
prism54 module again and loads the firmware while running 2nd time
out of the rc(runlevel).d scripts. But this is to late, because
/etc/init.d/networking starts before!

Thanks for any hint.


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