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Re: Hot iBook G4


>Why not use the module to access the hardware
>and run a monitor task in userland?

Overkill :)

>I would prefer a increasing of fan
>speed, if the limit is reached like fan_speed =
>fan_default + (temp - limit)*25;
>So aggressive cooling starts earlier, but not so hard.
>And this way you can also decrease the fan speed
>if the environment gets cooler - not simply drop
>it to zero.

That can approximatively be done using
fan_speed=X (where X between 0 and 255, i use 128). This
way, if temp > limit, the fan will start at specified speed.
If temp > limit+8, fan will run full speed. Speed will decrease
to specified when temp < limit+6, and stop when temp < limit-2.

There's also a limit_decrease=N parameter to lower the max
temperatures (which are 50°C (CPU) and 70°C (GPU)) by N°C.

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