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Re: Hot iBook G4

On Wed, Dec 31, 2003 at 08:36:12PM +0100, Colin Leroy wrote:
> On 29 Dec 2003 at 09h12, Joerg Sommer wrote:
> Hi, 
> > if've a iBook G4 12" and I'm running 2.6.0-ben2 kernel.
> > 
> > After some ours, the corner on the left of the touch pad becomes hot.
> You may want to try this 
> http://geekounet.org/patches/files/therm_adt7467.c.2.6
> rename it to therm_adt7467.c, put in drivers/macintosh.
> Edit drivers/macintosh/Makefile and add the line
> obj-m					+= therm_adt7467.o

I try it on a iBook G4 12" with 2.6.1-rc1-ben1 and it seems to have some
problems with the i2c_keywest and the snd-powermac modules:

- After the load of therm_adt7467, modprobe hangs when I try to load snd-powermac.

- Also if i have i2c_keywest loaded and try to unload it, therm-adt7467 seems to
  stop working:

  rayo:/home/tomas# modprobe -r i2c_keywest
  adt7467: Putting max temperatures back from 70, 50, 70, to 92, 69, 101, (C)

  Then if i try to modpobe i2c_keywest it also hangs modprobe.



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