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Re: keyboard!#%^&

On Thu, Jan 01, 2004 at 09:08:08PM -0500, mmissett wrote:
> ---------- Original Message 
> ----------------------------------
> From: "Chris Tillman" <toff1@cox.net>
> >AFAIK, /dev/input/mice is the correct node for 
> all powerpc mice.  You
> >might try
> >
> >cd /dev
> >./MAKEDEV input
> >
> >That should at least create the device. 
> Well, I'm not at all clear on how that worked, but 
> it worked!  (I'll have to read up on ./MAKEDEV)  

MAKEDEV is a shell script, you can just look at it with a text
editor. I searched for input/mice and looked to see what command
created that device.

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