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Re: Hot iBook G4

On 29/12/2003 at 09:43, Joerg Sommer wrote:

> After some ours, the corner on the left of the touch pad becomes hot.
> Does anyone know why? Is the cpu at this corner? Or the hard disk?

Hi, same here (iBook G3). That's the hard disk (it's placed on the left
of the touchpad).

cpudynd will also try to spindown the hd if there's no activity. You
would "gain" a couple of degrees, but not a lot of them, because the hd.
electronics generates a not so small amount of heat.

> I don't get cpudynd working. It says "CPU frequency control disabled", but
> I have enabled it. What should I do?

a) sysfs not mounted? With 2.6 kernel, cpudynd will try to use sysfs and
not procfs.

b) driver module not loaded?


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