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Would setting the CONFIG_RTC option break the powerpc kernel on your machine ?


On my Pegasos/CHRP box, i noticed that not setting the CONFIG_RTC option
in the Character device part of the configuration (not to be confused with
the CONFIG_GENERIC_RTC and CONFIG_PPC_RTC options in the General setup
part) will cause some strange delay when setting the hardware clock on
my box, and i believe the clock will be badly set (have to check again
to confirm though). Setting CONFIG_RTC will fix that, and furthermore,
in the help of the CONFIG_RTC there is some mention of this option being
needed for using the RTC clock in a SMP compatible fashion.

So, i believe this option is needed for me, and probably also for the
powerpc-smp config.

But, since the powerpc configurations are common to many subarch, there
is maybe a reason for not having this options set, and i would like to
know if setting it per default in the powerpc and powerpc-smp
configurations, but not in the powerpc-small one, is likely to break on
some of the supported powerps subarches out there.


Sven Luther

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