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Re: Kernel hangs during boot on PowerBook G4 17 1GHz

On Dec 15, 2003, at 10:16 AM, Michael Schmitz wrote:

fsck.ext3: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/hda4
The superblock could not be read or does not describe a correct ext2
filesystem.  If the device is valid and it really contains an ext2
filesystem (and not swap or ufs or something else), then the superblock
is corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternate
     e2fsck -b 8193 <device>

fsck failed.  Please repair manually and reboot.  Please note
that the root file system is currently mounted read-only.  To
Remount it read-write:

    # mount -n -o remount,rw /

Add devfs=nomount to the kernel options ??

Thanks. Ben's earlier recommendation of using the nol3 switch to disable the L3 cache on this particular PowerBook allowed it to boot, with the associated risks he mentioned. That machine is listed on eBay right now <http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ViewItem&item=2773457581&category=14909> and I will resume activity once I have a more open-source-friendly machine in possession.

Barry C. Hawkins
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