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Re: Netgear wg511

On Sat, 13 Dec 2003, Everett Coleman II wrote:

>   I'm not posting because i have some problem or something.
>   I'm posting because I have a powerbook g4 titanium, and I got fed up
>   with my wireless card that has/had extremely low quality. So I bought
>   a Netgear WG511, and found the drivers at prism54.org... I installed
>   the modules with no problems and now I have an awesome wirless card.

I take it this slotted in where the Airport/Airport Extreme card ought
to go?  Is your PowerBook Airport or Airport Extreme capable?

(I'd rather have something other than a USB dongle, but am willing to
go with the latter if there isn't anything that'd fit in an Airport
Extreme slot ...


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