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Re: m3mirror problem

> > Does not work on my ibook/m3. First: the patch creates a weird vertical
> > line under X on my LCD. Second: it doesn't help on CRT either, the
> > screen is still shaking and, worse, it is doubled - I get two overlapped
> > pictures of my desktop.
> > 
> > Is there anything particular I should add into XF86Config-4? Can someone
> > who got the patch work on her ibook/m3 send me her XF86Config-4?
> http://www.gulp.linux.it/Members/Arcimboldo/ibook/xf86config-4_iBook
> http://www.gulp.linux.it/Members/Arcimboldo/ibook/config-2.4.23
> It work for me.

I used your XF86Config and config-2.4.23 and it now works. Dunno what
was wrong though. I still have some resolution problem on the crt (my
external screen is 1280x1024), that I think I'll be able to handle



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