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Re: no way to boot my ppc 7300

On Fri, Dec 05, 2003 at 05:02:17PM +0100, Frank wrote:
> hi
> while playing with my partitions i destoyed may table, but it?s no
> problem i?thought (got this ppc new, without important data)
> but the poroblem is  there is no way to boot this machine
> not from floppy

You mean the floppy drive doesn't work? It should boot either a 
7.5.3 MacOS Disk Tools floppy or a boot-floppies hfs-boot-floppy.
If you get the boot-floppies installer going, you can use the
i command in mac-fdisk to create a new table.

> not from CD (c button, alt+apple+shift+backspace; all nothing)

It will boot a MacOS system CD; the boot-floppies CDs are not
bootable on this machine.

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