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Re: Maximum Number of partitons

On Fri, Dec 05, 2003 at 02:10:20AM +0000, Clive Menzies wrote:
> Hi
> I've repartitioned my PowerMac G4 and partitioned as follows:
> (  5.0G)  Linux native
> /dev/hda20        Apple_UNIX_SVR2 /var                1024000 @ 52808500
> (500.0M)  Linux native
> /dev/hda21        Apple_UNIX_SVR2 /tmp                3072000 @ 53832500
> (  1.5G)  Linux native
> /dev/hda22        Apple_UNIX_SVR2 /home               3125932 @ 56904500
> (  1.5G)  Linux native
> I've installed MacOSX on 10, woody on partitions 11-16 and intended to 
> install sid on partitions 17-22.  So far so good ..... woody is installed
> and running.
> However, when going through the sid install, it wouldn't initialize
> partitions 21 & 22 (/tmp and /home).  However it let me mount them and
> continue with the install - I figured I could sort them once I'd
> installed sid.  I've installed sid (base plus a few packages: aptitude,
> sudo, vim, exim4 and mutt) but I can't seem to initialise and mount
> these two partitions - I tried mke2fs -l /tmp -T ext3 but it didn't
> seem to recognise the partition (I've rebooted into woody to write this
> and can't remember the error exactly).

The installer only makes devices up to /dev/hda20. To have more
partitions, you need to create new devices. From the install manual:

As an example, here are commands you can use in tty2 or under
Execute A Shell to add a device so the 21st partition can be

cd /dev
mknod hda21 b 3 21 
chgrp disk hda21
chmod 660 hda21

Booting into the new system will fail unless proper devices are present
on the target system. After installing the kernel and modules, execute:

cd /target/dev
mknod hda21 b 3 21 
chgrp disk hda21
chmod 660 hda21

Debian GNU/Linux Operating System
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Chris Tillman (a people instance)
   toff one at cox dot net

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