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Re: IDE in 7300

On 03 de dez de 2003, at 13:43, Marco van de Voort wrote:

First thing: upgrade to a 2.4 kernel; that really boosts performance on
PPC hardware. For your machine, a standard 2.4 kernel (kernel.org, for
instance) will do.

I will do this then. I originally didn't upgrade out of memory
considerations, but meanwhile the mem was upgraded from 32M to 96M, so I
guess it would be no problem.

Well, not only that (boosting the performance), but using a 2.4 kernel was a requisite for a PMac 9500/180MP that I had for a few months to recognize all the PCI slots that it had, while the 2.2 kernel wasn't able to see everything.

Among other things, this meant that I couldn't use X without changing how the cards are internally disposed with a 2.2 kernel, while with a 2.4 kernel things would just work.

I would suspect that the same thing would apply to your case.

Hope this helps, Roger...

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