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Re: First time KDE on an iBook 2.3

El Martes, 2 de Diciembre de 2003 17:28, Kristian Peters escribió:
> Is it still true that DRI/DRM only runs with a 2.6 kernel ? Some months
> ago someone wrote me that DRI and 3D acceleration only works with 2.6
> kernels and won't be backported to 2.4 (for PPC).

False, see: http://dri.sourceforge.net

> In my opinion 2.6 is
> far away from a stable and usable kernel. How is acceleration going with
> 2.6 series and your latest deb's ? Does it work ?

It may not be stable, but is completely usable. I'm using it right now and 
didn't feel painful.

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