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Re: First time KDE on an iBook 2.3

Michel Dänzer <daenzer@debian.org> schrieb:
> For the record, that's not completely true. The DRI is only really
> needed for 3D hardware acceleration, my packages simply work with newer
> Radeons than the official XFree86 packages because they're based on
> newer XFree86 code.

Is it still true that DRI/DRM only runs with a 2.6 kernel ? Some months ago someone wrote me that DRI and 3D acceleration only works with 2.6 kernels and won't be backported to 2.4 (for PPC). In my opinion 2.6 is far away from a stable and usable kernel.
How is acceleration going with 2.6 series and your latest deb's ? Does it work ?



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