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Re: Regarding participation on this list

> Barry Hawkins <ly5t5@allthingscomputed.com> [2003-12-02 23:30]:
> To the list at large,
> 	I have been working on getting a Debian install up on my system for
> 	~ 2 weeks now, and I find myself dreading when I have to post a question,
> because getting an answer on these lists can be pretty daunting.

so, what are your problems?

Asking questions to get the answer is nearly an art, too.  If
described precisely, an answer to problems is found usually.
Sometimes it helped reformulating my question when it did not lead to
the solution needed.

Folks here in this list have pointed me usually to the right direction
when I have had any problem -- the full solution to the respective
problem I could nearly never get just for free; but that's
learning.... I have never felt offended by answer telling me that I
propably should take a look there, or similar.

However, one has to take precautions on what to write not to accuse
anybody for anything not done -- it's a permanent record of the

Feel free to contact me for help setting up your box -- better, write
to the list.

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