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Re: [off topic] Petition MSN 6 for Mac

What on EARTH has this got to do with Debian PPC?


I use Kopete on PPCLinux, and have no problems talking to MSN people.


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Subject: [off topic] Petition MSN 6 for Mac

> Hi all,
> Actually I want (almost) nothing to do with M$, hence my choice for
> Apple and OSX and GNU/Linux. But then you want to interact with the
> rest of the world and ... MSN for OSX is version 3.5.1 while rest of
> the world uses something with a 6.x. So there are some differences in
> the two versions which are annoying, I mean really annoying. If you
> think the same, sign this:
> http://www.PetitionOnline.com/msn64mac/
> Thanks,
> Pander
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