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Re: ADB option to turn off in kernel with testing?

You hit the nail on the head.  Linux keycodes became the default a few
releases ago.  ADB keycodes causes problems and does not work with a
more recent Debian version.  I'm not sure if you can turn of ADB
completely, as I thought of the power management stuff  depended on it
(someone else correct me if I'm wrong please), but on my machine, I
still have ADB, so here's my .config's relevant sections:

kaiso:~ 14:42:11 254% cat /usr/src/linux-2.4.21/.config | grep ADB
# CONFIG_ADB_PMU is not set


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On Tue, 2 Dec 2003, Diana Galletly wrote:

> Well, I bit the bullet and went with Debian testing so I could install
> all sorts of things that I'd been wanting (OpenOffice for instance);
> but unfortunately some kernel option to do with ADB (I think) that was
> necessary for woody needs turning off for testing, because random garbage
> characters started coming out of my keyboard after upgrading (so I can't
> currently log in ...)  I tried turning off ADB altogether but now, rather
> than garbage, I get nothing out of my keyboard.  Is it the raw keycodes
> (or the like) option that needs disabling whilst leaving the rest of ADB
> enabled, or is it something else?  I *can* cycle through all options if
> necessary, but if someone knows the answer I might then be able to spend
> tomorrow doing some work rather than emergency system maintenance :-)

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