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Re: About SPAM..

On Tue, Dec 02, 2003 at 04:32:44PM +0100, Bart Koppe wrote:
> Since i joined the debian-powerpc-lis i get at least 10-15 spam 
> messages a day :(

10-15 mails a day is at the low end. 

> All microsoft-sjit or e-mails with only one attachement.
> Pretty annoying because i menaged to be almost spam-free for 6 years by
> now..
> grr..

That's past now; you have got to get yourself a new one if you want to
get rid of the spam mails.

> Anybody have this problems to?
> Can we do something against it (besides on my own machine of course)?


Best way IMHO is to use a seperate ("public") emails adress for lists. 
Throw away all incoming messages on that account that doesn't come from 
the list server (whitelisting).  That'll reduce it to just a few spam 
mails a day the list server doesn't catch.
You might wanna add a note about this in your sig and how to contact 
you via your second email adress; be sure to make that adress human 
readable only.

> Thankz
> Bart


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