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Re: About SPAM..

Yes, Bart, this is giving me fits, too. But as I understand it, the prob is neither with the deb list nor with your own configurations. The problem is that folks who use the deb list & who alse use Microsoft Virus Assistance software have gotten infected; and as a result their systems are firing off these bogus email adviseries to everyone on their mailing lists--i.e., us. It's frustrating that we Linux users are almost virus free because of the OS we've chosen, but because of the way this sven virus was designed, we're still getting abused because of deficiencies in MS systems.

Like you, I keep putting filters in place to deal with individual messages, but that's a losing battle. At some point I'm going to have to do something about the prob at a deeper level. Clive Menzies posted a solution that seems promising: See his post of 11/26/03 "Re: debianppc list and sven virus" in the archives for more details.

Good luck!    --Harvey

Bart Koppe wrote:

Since i joined the debian-powerpc-lis i get at least 10-15 spam messages a day :(
All microsoft-sjit or e-mails with only one attachement.
Pretty annoying because i menaged to be almost spam-free for 6 years by now..
Anybody have this problems to?
Can we do something against it (besides on my own machine of course)?

Don't get me wrong, i joy to be on the list, but this spam is less nice :(


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